So, here we are. In my nerd mind casually thought about this. We are used to have #1 bib in Tour de France being worn by the defending Champions and – if it’s not present – the captain picked by the team of the defending Champion. This is a tradition of the Tour de France but for Tour de France Femmes we don’t have a past edition. Maybe.

So, who should wear bib #1 in the race?

Here there are my hypothesis – feel free to pick the one you want, or choose yours

1. Elisa Balsamo

Elisa Balsamo is the reigning world champion, so why don’t give her the number 1? This is usually a solution that RCS does in their races when the defending Champion is not present. Applying it to the Tour de France Femmes seems a good idea. Balsamo also had bib #1 in the first Paris – Roubaix Femmes (thanks to Twitter user WillStrickson)

2. Amber Neben

Don’t know if her team will get a chance but Amber Neben is ‘formally’ the defending champion of “La Route de France”. The race was up since 2016 – at 2.2 level – and replaced the Tour de France even if not organized by ASO. Amber Neben is currently 46 and it’s unlikely to be there, but she is formally the defending champion of this race. The last champion of the “Grand Boucle Feminine internationale” held between 1992 and 2009 but not from ASO was Emma Pooley that isn’t there – and his team at that time (Cervelo) isn’t active anymore. Last edition of a race organized by ASO in 1993 under name “Tour de la CEE feminin” was instead Heidi Van de Viver. Unfortunately we have no info on her team in 1993 (was the race for NT?)

3. The UCI Women World Tour Leader

Why not? I mean, one choice is like the other, so we have a leader – we can pick her to wear the bib #1 in TDFF. It’s one idea like another.

4. Demi Vollering

What’s the precursor event of the TDFF? La Course. Who is the defending Champion? Demi Vollering. La Course transitioned into TDFF, seems linear making her having the honour of wearing bib #1 in the TDFF

5. The captain of the first team in alphabetical order

This is the rule that RCS uses in Giro and their other races when no World Champion and no Defending Champion starts. Acqua & Sapone before and Ag2r La Mondiale later are used to wear #1 bib.

6. Nobody.

Is that possible? Yes. It happened in TDF 2007 with Landis being DQ. Pereiro, 2nd in 2006 (assignation still under judgment), started with bib #11. Bib #1 was not in the race. In the next year, instead, Evans, 2nd behind Contador, started with bib #1 as Astana was not invited.

So, what’s your opinion?

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